Today, there are over a billion websites that are running freely in the internet, and with this colossal number, it could turn pretty difficult or seemingly impossible to stand out among the rest and getting into the mainstream traffic of the internet is even hard enough, and hiring the right people to do the job is also proved to be a lot harder but, do we really have to give up at this point?

So, what makes a good website anyway? In this article from website design uk, let us discuss the things that make up a good website. This article aims to improve your web designing skills to another level just by following these simple steps.

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Your website could be sometimes the only thing that your potential clients and current clients want to see to judge if you have a good running service or not, and if you want that website to be as appealing and attractive that it draws backlinks, media attention, customer engagement, and even the attention of the media, then you are in the right page because we will help in this tough task.

A good website needs a big subject to tackle on, and there are actually thousands of books and courses that are published and being studied by web-designing hopefuls and before we proceed with the tips, we want to ensure that you can implement something out of this article today, or the next day.

A good website has four basic principles that make its quality. First, is its purpose, second is its aesthetics, third is its content originality and relevance, and lastly, its clear site navigation. We will discuss each basic principle below so that you will be more knowledgeable about it.

· PURPOSE- Wonderful website designs always start with its purpose obviously because if you design a website which is not fit to its purpose, then it will just turn out into a rubbish. You should always question yourself what you want to accomplish in building a website if not, then you should not make one after all. If you are into food business or a small startup, make sure that your website’s purpose is fully in-line of your mission, vision, and goals because websites are made to help boost your business or cause.

· AESTHETICS- A good website is pleasing to the eyes of the web visitor. It should have a good quality visual design. Make sure that your site fits well with not just the trend of most people nowadays but also, make sure that its design is fresh and not some website from your dad’s years when the internet was just a few years old after it was first introduced to the world. There are tons of fresh ideas, concepts, and visual designs that you can get from the internet, all you need to do is put some effort and conduct a little research but make sure you will not copy any design but rather get some bits of ideas from it.

· CONTENT ORIGINALITY AND RELEVANCE- Your website is just a lifeless page if there is no relevant content. Make sure that you regularly post articles, videos, blogs, and even images about your product, service, or your cause so that it will create engagement and traffic but make sure everything in it is not plagiarized or copied.

· CLEAR SITE NAVIGATION- Having a good visually designed website is a huge advantage but not all the time putting a lot of plug-ins, drag down menus, sub-pages and other stuff just to make it look full makes the visitor confused and lost. Make it simple instead and easy to navigate.